3500 yen course

3500 yen course
3500 yen

※tax included

From the stalls of Vietnam local to the restaurant, you will put all you can drink for 90 minutes in the home of the deep dish numerous taste course ♪ plus 1500 yen (tax included)! (90 minutes last order)

◆ Goikun (raw spring rolls)
◆ Chazo (fried spring rolls)
◆ stem with a salad Ebisen of lotus
◆ crab and mushroom sauce soup
◆ Vietnam stalls cuisine four prime
- Boiled cabbage and soft-boiled egg Nukkumamu
Garlic of Sorashin'na fried
Of corn Negichiri fried
Of beef of lot leaf wrapped grilled
◆ of pig breasts grilled meat
◆ Tomuko (crab miso stew of shrimp) with bucket
◆ chicken Four
◆ mini desserts