• 2,500 yen course

    2,500 yen course

    2500 Yen

    ※tax included

    Course ♪ plus 1500 yen popular menu of Vietnamese crispy pancake and Kuankomu 11 is eat (tax included) at will with all you can drink 90 minutes! (90 minutes last order)

  • 3,000 yen course

    3,000 yen course

    3000 yen

    ※tax included

    Enjoy a variety of taste and texture of four types of ingredients, popular hand-wound spring roll rice paper winding course in Vietnam

  • 3500 yen course

    3500 yen course

    3500 yen

    ※tax included

    From the stalls of Vietnam local to the restaurant, you will put all you can drink for 90 minutes in the home of the deep dish numerous taste course ♪ plus 1500 yen (tax included)! (90 minutes last order)